Tamsui Old Street – Taipei #KulinerYUK (Bahasa)

Located along the riverfront in Tamsui (Danshui), Tamsui Old Street is a boardwalk-like area full of shops, carnival games, restaurants, cafés, and xiaochi snacks.

The waterfront area is a great place to watch the sunset over the Tamsui River. Vendors will generally start in the afternoon and stay open until the last MRT train at 12 midnight. Visitors who arrive early can first walk around the town area and visit other local attractions.

A ferry can be taken from the pier at Tamsui Old Street across to Bali Left Bank (????), a relaxing waterfront area popular with cyclists. EasyCard (???) is accepted on this ferry. Other ferry services travel to Tamsui Fisherman’s Wharf (??????) and Dadaocheng Wharf (?????) back in Taipei City.

The English name “Tamsui” is a romanisation of the original Taiwanese Hokkien name for the town, roughly pronounced in Hokkien as d?m zwèe. In actuality, everyone refers to this town by the Mandarin Chinese name “Danshui”.

How To Get There?
Take the MRT Red Line 2 to the northern terminus station Tamsui (??). Exit the station and turn left, then walk along the waterfront. The trip takes around 40 minutes from Taipei Main Station.

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