Installing Ruby on Rails on cPanel

After my last post about Ruby on Rails we’ve gotten a view inquiries about exactly how you install Ruby on Rails through cPanel these days. So I figured a quick post with the steps required to run through the install would be great for those still running without Ruby on Rails on their cPanel servers. So here are the steps:

1) Login to SSH and root and run the following command: /scripts/installruby
This should install Ruby, Rails, Mongrel and FastThread for you.

2) Just to cover our bases we’ll run the following commands also in SSH
gem install rails
gem install mongrel
gem install fastthread

The reason we install these gems even though they already should be installed is some times the cPanel scripts installer does not work properly and does not install them.

3) Open ports 3000 and 12001 if you’re running a firewall

You’re now all done install Ruby on Rails on your cPanel server. It’s always a good idea to also login to WHM go to module installers and double check that all the ruby gems are installed. If so you now have it all setup and you can now officially offer it. I guess one other step you may consider is giving users the ability to install gems themselves which is an option on the module install for ruby gems.

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