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One Answer To Cancer by Dr Kelley Ch. 5 Body Detoxification
“So connected is the colon with spirituality that those who have fallen very far away from the life of the spirit — through disbelief or through indulgence in the various excesses that the world makes available — find themselves very prone to developing cancer of the colon. Indeed, if a person must have part or all of his colon surgically removed, he will find it very hard to open himself in the spiritual sense.”

“The rampant increase in cancer of the colon is directly the result of heavy meat-eating, particularly red meat. This connection is known to conventional medical science, and it is a stark comment on the refusal of Humanity to give up its self-indulgences that even this proven correlation has not significantly lowered the eating of animal cadavers.”

“We do not hesitate to recommend the practice of colonic irrigation through the taking of water-based enemas on a regular basis. This treatment will work wonders in removing ancient compactions from the colon.” —MEAT by Hilarion

“Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to disappear, too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy and increased sense of well being.”–Hulda Clark

Dr William D. Kelley, DDS, MS:
“A coffee enema should be given every morning for one month; then twice a week for eight months. The coffee enema is very stimulating to the liver, and is the greatest aid in eliminating its toxic poisons.”

“The word detox does not appear in the main textbook on cancer or the main medical textbook…the word in medicine refers to heroin addicts and getting them off heroin…they do not conceive that their are such things as toxins created by a tumour…where do they think it all goes?”—–Ralph Moss
Dr Jethro Kloss, MD Back to Eden (Page 862)
(here are many reasons for doing enemas, including)”…enemas taken with only a relatively small amount of fluid in order to cleanse the rectum and lower colon; astringent enemas, taken to relieve inflammation in diarrhea, dysentery, etc.; nourishing enemas, given in wasting diseases, unconsciousness, and other conditions where it becomes necessary to administer food by rectum….(and) enemas taken to thoroughly cleanse the entire length of the colon’

James A. Balch, MD. (Prescripton for Nutritional Healing Pages 323,324)
.……cleansing enemas are not retained or held in the body; they are used to flush out the colon…(A coffee enema) is beneficial in treatment.. .because it stimulates the liver to excrete toxins or ‘poison bile.’ It’s called a retention enema because it is held in or retained for fifteen minutes.”

Dr Patrick Quillin, PhD, RD (Beating Cancer With Nutrition)
“enemas are one of the oldest healing modalities in human literature…Coffee enemas have been in the Merck Medical Manual for decades, until 1977, when editors of the manual claimed that this revered therapy was eliminated for ‘lack of space’ in the new manuscript. The reality is that coffee enemas became the focal point in criticizing alternative cancer therapies”
Dr Max Gerson, M.D. (A Cancer Therapy)
“In as much as detoxification of the body is of the greatest importance, especially in the beginning, it is absolutely necessary to administer frequent enemas, day and night (on the average, we give coffee enemas every four hours, day and night, and even more frequently against severe pain, nausea, general nervous tension and depression)…Some patients take enemas every two hours, or even more frequently, during the first days of the treatment. More advanced cases are severely intoxicated and the absorption of the tumor masses, glands, etc., intoxicates them even more. Many years ago I lost several patients by coma hepaticum, since I did not know, and therefore neglected, the vital importance of frequent and regularly continued elimination of poisonous substances, with the help of juices, enemas, etc.”
Dr Alan Nittler, M.D. (A New Breed of Doctor)
“(Coffee enemas for gallbladder problems)..’The coffee enema causes a relaxation in the liver-gallbladder region which gives rapid relief of pain. If you are lucky, you could even pass a gallstone or two. Maybe more. If you are not lucky, the pain returns and you must repeat the process until help can arrive for more definitive care. In either event, you have jeopardized nothing. This is the one and only time I recommend coffee. As a drink, it is a no-no for hypoglycemics, which applies to most people”.

“Some metabolic therapists insist on daily enemas, including coffee enemas (excellent detoxifiers of the liver) in order to cleanse the system..”—–Dr Harold W Harper, MD ( How You Can Beat the Killer diseases 169)

Dr John Sessions, DO (Coping With Cancer page 29) The coffee enema stimulates the liver, alkalines the duodenum, and helps eliminate toxic wastes. It dissolves encrusted wastes that have accumulated along the colon walls, and the caffeine content encourages peristaltic muscle contraction to loosen deposits which may show up as ‘ropes’ of mucus. Gradually, as protein metabolism improves, the colon’s muscle tone also improves and bowel movements become normal without the aid of an enema.”
Dr Elson Haas, M.D. (Staying Healthy With Nutrition)
“During a basic dietary detox programme, other, more subtle colon stimuli are usually used to enhance colon action. These may include herbal or pharmaceutical laxatives, fiber and colon detox supplements, such as psyllium seed husks alone or mixed with other agents, for example, aloe vera powder, bentonite clay, and acidophilus culture. Enemas using water, herbs, or even diluted coffee (stimulates liver cleansing) may also be used”.
Dr Linda Rector Page, ND, PhD (Healthy Healing Page 32)
Coffee enemas have become standard m natural healing when liver and blood related cancers are present. Caffeine used in this way stimulates the liver and gallbladder to remove toxins, open bile ducts, encourage increased peristaltic action, and produce necessary enzyme activity for healthy red blood cell formation and oxygen uptake”

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  • Cancer & Detox guru: Dr Shultze, School of Natural Healing, PO Box 3628, Santa Monica, California 90408-3628, USA. Tel: 001 310 576 6565. Fax: —6575.


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