10 Domain .com Yang Ter-Register Pertama di Internet

The first .com domain to be registered is symbolics.com. Back at those days, not everyone can afford to register a domain name as it definitely will not cost just USD$10 per year and hence majority domains on the list are owned by Multinational Corporations (MNCs). Surprisingly, Microsoft.com isn’t part of the list as it was not registered until May 1991.

Our very own, sq.com (Singapore Airlines) is on the list but I have no idea whether they registered it or bought it from someone later on.

It takes about 2 years just to get 10 .com domains to be bought up, but now I guess it takes like few hours?

During 1985 I was just 1 year old! Imagine if you have purchases a few 3 letters domains, I think you will be a millionaire by now.

  1. symbolics.com: March 15, 1985
  2. bbn.com: April 24, 1985
  3. think.com: May 24, 1985
  4. mcc.com: July 11, 1985
  5. dec.com: Sept. 30, 1985
  6. northrop.com: Nov. 7, 1985
  7. xerox.com: Jan. 9, 1986
  8. sri.com: Jan. 17, 1986
  9. hp.com: March 3, 1986
  10. bellcore.com: March 5, 1986

Source: http://www.iwhois.com/oldest/ via Neowin: First 100 .com domains ever registered

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