5 Easy Food Swaps To Help You Eat Healthier


Healthy eating is quite difficult especially during summer cookouts and holidays wherein foods high in cholesterol and other unhealthy elements are laid in the table. The temptation might be irresistible. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that your own eating habits create a huge impact on your health.

To help you embark into a new healthy eating, here are some food swaps you may want to consider. You can make it right from at the comfort of your own kitchen and will surely lighten up your meals. In addition, this food swap will help you get rid of unhealthy ingredients without the need to deprive yourself from eating your favorite food.

  1. Use Greek non-fat yogurt instead of the sour cream. Of course, sour cream makes our dishes, desserts, or shakes tastier. But this just left undesirable side-effect. Instead of patronizing sour cream on your cooking, why not try Greek Yogurt? Greek yogurt is known to be low in fat but high in protein. Moreover, the plain variety provides similar tang as your sour cream. The flavor of both doesn’t make any huge difference. It is even excellent in baking as sour cream or crème fraiche replacement or as toppings of tacos.
  2. Use free-fat evap milk instead of heavy cream. Free fat evap milk simple works as great as heavy cream but with lower calories. It also makes a great sauce.
  3. Use olive or coconut oil instead of vegetable or canola oil. If you love fried dishes, you can start using healthier oil-either olive or coconut oil. Olive oil is also excellent for baking. The taste will never have any difference.
  4. Have a homemade mayo. It’s better, cheaper and healthier to use a homemade mayo than using store-bought mayo. The process is also just simple. The ingredients you need are olive oil, one egg, lemon, and pinch of salt. All you need to do is combine a half cup of olive oil with all the other ingredients on a blender. Continue blending until it shows mayo consistency. Refrigerate. Finally, you have your own homemade healthy mayo. You can use it on pasta salads or sandwiches.
  5. Replace paste with spaghetti squash. Who doesn’t love lasagna or spaghetti? Well, it’s one of the favorite of most of food enthusiast (even those picky eaters), especially the children. Instead of using pasta in cooking this mouth-watering dish, you can use spaghetti squash. This is relatively low in carbohydrate and calories. Coming in at approximately 42 calories per serving, this ingredient has lower calorie compared to its pasta counterpart. Pasta has 200 calories on an average serving.

Here are just few food swaps to help you eat healthier. Through this easy and simple food swaps, you can reduce the health risks. Moreover, you can eat as often and many as you want!

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