Pesticide Residue on Produce

by Sue Gilbert, M.S., Nutritionist

The list below outlines both fruits and vegetables ranked for pesticide residues (from cleanest to most contaminated). We also provide a simple solution for reducing the risk of eating the pesticide residues.

  1. Bananas: peel
  2. Corn: remove husks
  3. Avocados: peel
  4. Oranges: peel with your fingers or a knife (don’t sink your teeth into the peel)
  5. Sweet potatoes: wash and peel
  6. Cabbage: discard outer leaves
  7. Broccoli: wash
  8. Green peas: shell
  9. Carrots: peel
  10. Grapes: wash
  11. Kiwifruit: peel
  12. Cucumbers: peel, especially if waxed
  13. Plums: wash
  14. Green beans: wash
  15. Tomatoes: wash
  16. Celery: wash and trim leaves and top
  17. Blueberries: wash
  18. Potatoes: wash and/or peel
  19. Squash: peel winter squash, wash summer squash
  20. Bell pepper: wash
  21. Lettuce: discard outer leaves and wash
  22. Peaches: peel
  23. Spinach: wash
  24. Nectarines: wash and, better yet, peel
  25. Raspberries: wash
  26. Pears: peel (baby can do without the extra fiber for now)
  27. Imported grapes: wash thoroughly
  28. Apricots: peel
  29. Apples: peel
  30. Strawberries: wash thoroughly (these are the worst fruit for residue)

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